Type Episode
Date 1993-05-23

The Forsaken

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1x17

Lwaxana is visiting the station, along with three other ambassadors. Bashir gets the job of showing them around, but Lwaxana sets her sights on Odo. Meanwhile, an alien probe interferes with the station's computer system.

Odo and Lwaxana are trapped in an elevator together, which leads to some nice conversation. The rest of the episode is forgettable.

Character TypeName
Anara NoneBenita Andre
Benjamin Sisko NoneAvery Brooks
Lojal NoneMichael Ensign
Taxco NoneConstance Towers
Vadosia NoneJack Shearer
Lwaxana Troi MainMajel Barrett
Odo MainRené Auberjonois
Name RoleCharacter
Avery Brooks Actor
Benita Andre Actor
Constance Towers Actor
Don Carlos Dunaway Screenwriter
    Jack Shearer Actor
    Jim Trombetta Author
      Les Landau Director
        Majel Barrett Actor
        Michael Ensign Actor
        Michael Piller Screenwriter
          René Auberjonois Actor