Type Episode
Date 1993-05-09
Tags eminent domain


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1x15

Kira must convince an old man, Mullibok, to abandon his home on the fifth moon of Bajor, Jeraddo. He escaped to it forty years ago, and survived alone for years, though others eventually joined him. Now, the Bajoran government intends to extract energy from the moon's core, which will render the moon uninhabitable. Everyone except Mullibok and his two companions have been evacuated, but Mullibok is determined to stay on the moon, even if it kills him.

Eventually, Kira burns his home to the ground to induce him to leave. Being on the side of the oppressors, this time, is not very pleasant.

In the B plot, Jake and Nog trade fifty wrappages of Cardassian yamok sauce for a hundred gross of self-sealing stem bolts for a parcel of land, which Quark then sells back to the Bajoran government. Perhaps Jake has the lobes for business?

Character TypeName
Kira Nerys MainNana Visitor
Mullibok MainBrian Keith
Benjamin Sisko SubAvery Brooks
Jake Sisko SubCirroc Lofton
Nog SubAron Eisenberg
Baltrim AppearanceTerrence Evans
Keena AppearanceAnnie O'Donnell
Lissepian Captain AppearanceNicholas Worth
Toran AppearanceMichael Bofshever
Name RoleCharacter
Annie O'Donnell Actor
Aron Eisenberg Actor
Avery Brooks Actor
Brian Keith Actor
Cirroc Lofton Actor
Les Landau Director
    Michael Bofshever Actor
    Nana Visitor Actor
    Nicholas Worth Actor
    Peter Allan Fields Author
      Terrence Evans Actor