Type Episode
Date 1993-04-18


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 1x12

Croden, a fugitive from the planet Rakhar in the Gamma Quadrant, claims to have information about Odo's species. He is lying–all he knows are legends. He is on the run from his planet's oppressive government, which executed his whole family, except his daughter, Yareth, who Crodan is hiding in stasis on an asteroid. Out of sympathy, Odo helps Crodan to escape, rather than turn him over to the authorities.

Character TypeName
Croden MainCliff DeYoung
Odo MainRené Auberjonois
Benjamin Sisko SubAvery Brooks
Quark SubArmin Shimerman
Ah-Kel AppearanceRandy Oglesby
Hadran AppearanceGordon Clapp
Ro-Kel AppearanceRandy Oglesby
Yareth AppearanceLeslie Engelberg
Name RoleCharacter
Armin Shimerman Actor
Avery Brooks Actor
Cliff DeYoung Actor
Gordon Clapp Actor
Leslie Engelberg Actor
Randy Oglesby Actor
René Auberjonois Actor
Sam Rolfe Author
    Winrich Kolbe Director