Type Game
Date 2002-07
  • Windows
Series Ludum Dare #01
Tags defense, endless game

Scarecrow: Heart of Straw

In Scarecrow: Heart of Straw you play the role of the titular defender of the corn. It is required to frighten off crows, scurvy pelicans, and cows, all of which will steal and eat the corn if they're not intercepted. The scarecrow can shout 'boo' at the creatures to frighten them off one at a time, but must pause between shots, because each costs breath. The scarecrow can also shout 'ooga booga' to scare off all creatures on the screen, but this costs an Ooga Booga Mask.

After each day of defending the field, the player may spend points in Mumbly Jim's Grain N' Feed Emporium for upgrades to the scarecrow's capabilities, to restore lost corn, or for other benefits.

Corn stalks can have as many as three ears of corn. Fertilizer, purchased from Mumbly Jim, will cause stalks with fewer than three ears to grow one extra ear. If the last ear of corn is stolen from a stalk, it withers and dies. A corn seed can be bought to grow a new stalk with a single ear of corn. The game ends when all corn has been stolen, and the player's total score is reported.

Scarecrow was an entry in Ludum Dare #1 (which had the theme "Guardian"), winning first place in the Overall, Graphics, and Complete categories, and tying for first in the Sound category. It additionally won third place in the Gameplay, Fun, and Technical categories.

Name Role
Hamumu Software
Mike Hommel