Type Movie
Date 1996-06-21
Series Disney animated canon
Tags animated

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Better than Hercules. Not as good as Mulan, but it has more music, and the music is quite good.

Character TypeName
Captain Phoebus NoneKevin Kline
Clopin Trouillefou NonePaul Kandel
Hugo NoneJason Alexander
Laverne NoneMary Wickes
Victor NoneCharles Kimbrough
Claude Frollo MainTony Jay
Esmeralda MainDemi Moore
Quasimodo MainTom Hulce
Name RoleCharacter
Bob Tzudiker Screenwriter
    Charles Kimbrough Voice Actor
    Demi Moore Voice Actor
    Gary Trousdale Director
      Irene Mecchi Screenwriter
        Jason Alexander Voice Actor
        Jonathan Roberts Screenwriter
          Kevin Kline Voice Actor
          Kirk Wise Director
            Mary Wickes Voice Actor
            Noni White Screenwriter
              Paul Kandel Voice Actor
              Tab Murphy Author / Screenwriter
                Tom Hulce Voice Actor
                Tony Jay Voice Actor


                Relation Sources
                • Notre-Dame de Paris (1831-03-16)