Type Game
Date 2006-09-19
  • Windows
Tags beat 'em up

Sailor Moon Plus

Hilarious voice acting, which rather reminds me of the English dub of Sailor Moon. Sadly, the game consists entirely of repeatedly fighting the same small set of enemies, broken up by boss battles. Which are quite hard–Kunzite just loves to stand slightly offscreen and shoot his projectile attack, which deals nearly half the life bar in damage. Of course, these difficulties can be mitigated by learning how and when to move and attack–it is most effective to strike three times, move slightly, and repeat; then the enemy cannot attack and you don’t end up knocking them away, potentially offscreen where they can attack with impunity.

Ultimately, much though I like Sailor Moon, I doubt I’ll play through this one with any other characters, though I may take a look at the other games in the series.