Type Periodical
Date 1984-03
Pages 90

Ahoy! #3

Ahoy! #3 (1984-03)

  • Game: Space Lanes for C64 and VIC-20 by Robert Alonso (Nova Soft)
  • Two-page ad for Synapse games.
  • Educational Software: a guide for parents
  • VIC Game Buyer’s Guide
  • Reviews
    • Master Type (Broderbund Software. VIC.)
    • Buck Rogers–Planet of Zoom (Sega. C64, VIC.)
    • Wavy Navy (Sirius Software. C64.)
    • Enchanger (Infocom. C64.)
    • Bible Baseball (Davka Corporation. C64.)
    • Lode Runner (Broderbund Software. C64.)
    • Congo Bongo (Sega. C64, VIC)
    • Wayout (Sirius Software. C64.)
    • Computer War (Thorn EMI Software. VIC.)
    • DTL-BASIC 64 (Drive Technology Ltd. C64. NOT A GAME.)
    • Analogies (PDI. C64.)
    • Nukewar (Avalon Hill. C64, VIC.)
    • Threshold (Sierra On-Line. C64.)
    • Konami’s Pooyan (Datasoft Inc. C64.)
    • Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Robotron: 2084 (AtariSoft. C64, VIC.)
    • Super-Text Professional (Muse Software. C64. NOT A GAME.)
    • Reading Comprehension: What’s Different (PDI. C64.)
    • Preschool IQ Builder (PDI. C64.)
    • Rescue Squad (Muse Software. C64.)
    • Dragonriders of Pern (Epyx. C64.)
Name Role
Ben Bova Assistant Editor
Dale Rupert Assistant Editor
Ion International Inc. Publisher
Joan Mazzeo-Weinshank Art Director
Morton Kevelson Assistant Editor
Robert J. Sodaro Editor
Steve Springer Editor
Tim Moriarty Editor