Type Periodical
Date 1984-02
Pages 98

Ahoy! #2

Ahoy! #2 (1984-02)

  • Game: Night Attack for VIC-20, by Robert Alonso (Nova Soft).
  • Another amusing editorial.
  • Scuttlebutt section again contains lots of software mentions. Note “Aerobics.”
  • Interview with Ihor Wolosenko, president of Synapse software.
  • Reviews
    • Jot-A-Word (Microware Dist., Inc. C64, VIC.)
    • Zeppelin Rescue (Computer Software (?). C64.)
    • Protector II (Synapse Software. C64.)
    • Space Sentinel (T&F Software. C64.)
    • Mothership (Softsync, Inc. C64.)
    • Shamus (Synapse Software. C64.)
    • Save New York (Creative Software. C64.)
    • Dancing Feats (Softsync, Inc. C64. NOT A GAME.)
    • Seafox (Broderbund Software. C64, VIC.)
    • Database Manager (Mirage Concepts. C64. NOT A GAME.)
    • Comvoice (Genesis Computer Corporation. C64, VIC. HARDWARE.)
    • The Vicontroller (Genesis Computer Corporation. C64, VIC. HARDWARE.)
    • Fourth Encounter (Thorn EMI Video Limited. VIC.)
    • Mutant Herd (Thorn EMI Video Limited. VIC.)
    • Simons’ BASIC (Commodore Software. C64. NOT A GAME.)
    • Bandits (Sirius Software. C64, VIC.)
  • Ad: Video Sports Glove
Name Role
Ben Bova Assistant Editor
Dale Rupert Assistant Editor
Ion International Inc. Publisher
Joan Mazzeo-Weinshank Art Director
Morton Kevelson Assistant Editor
Robert J. Sodaro Editor
Steve Springer Editor
Tim Moriarty Editor


Relation Sources
  • An Interview with Ihor Wolosenko (1984-02)