Type Book
Date 1986
Tags picture book, children's book, fiction

Wendy's Adventure in Never Land

Disney Fun-to-Read Library

When Wendy, John, and Michael are told that they are too old to have a pillow fight, they declare that they hope never to grow up, if it means they have to become boring, joyless adults. Wendy wishes for Peter Pan to come and take them away to Never Land, so they'll never have to grow up. Will they change their minds? Find out in the ninth book in the Disney Fun-to-Read Library, Wendy's Adventure in Never Land.

When Wendy and her brothers arrive in Never Land, Tinkerbell is jealous of Peter Pan's attention to Wendy. When Captain Hook kidnaps her, in order to have her throw a birthday party for him, Tinkerbell thinks she's found the answer to her troubles. She puts everyone to sleep with fairy dust, so they won't hear Wendy's cries.

When they awaken, and can't find Wendy, Michael begins to cry. Tinkerbell feels remorseful, and leads them to Wendy. They dress up in costumes of sticks and leaves and rescue Wendy.

After all this, Wendy, John, and Michael say that they want to go home and have birthdays and birthday parties--besides, their parents would miss them if they never came back. So they all return, having decided that maybe growing up isn't so bad, after all.

Wendy's Adventure in Never Land's art doesn't seem to be as good as in the other books in the Disney Fun-to-Read Library, to me. The characters' faces, and especially Wendy's, often look a bit off. It's possible that this is true to the art of the movie--it's been quite a while since I've seen it.

The story isn't that interesting, but it's not bad, and the lesson is okay--something like "appreciate what you have, because you'll miss it when it's gone", maybe. Well, the direct lesson is "growing up is okay because you get to have birthday parties", but that lesson isn't so useful.

Wendy's Adventure in Never Land is pretty good, so you might want to check it out, if you've not already read it, especially if you're a fan of Peter Pan.

Character Type
Peter Pan None
Tinker Bell None
Wendy Darling None