Type Book
Date 1976
Tags picture book, children's book, tie-in, Sesame Street, fiction

How to be a Grouch

Ever wondered how to be a grouch, like Oscar from Sesame Street? Well, with the help of How to be a Grouch by Caroll Spinney, you can learn from the best--Oscar himself!

How to be a Grouch is a guide to everything the prospective grouch needs to know: what to eat; where to go on vacation; how to start your day so you can be grouchy right from the get-go; and plenty of other useful information, like grouchy modes of transportation and how to recognize different kinds of grouches.

The illustrations in How to be a Grouch are hilarious and excellent, and the book is full of funny grouchy things, like the Grouch Trashplane or the suggested foods, like hot beef stew with chocolate gravy in a melon--quite a (disgusting) mouthful!

How to be a Grouch is a wonderful book not just for fans of Sesame Street, but for anyone who'd like a funny and beautifully illustrated children's picture book.

Character Type
Oscar the Grouch Main
Name Role
Caroll Spinney Author