Type Game
Date 1992-10
  • Nintendo Famicom
Tags platformer, platform shooter, Project: platformers [todo]

Felix the Cat

A platformer. Not a very good one, sadly. It's got lots of 'vehicles' which are more or less the same, and the flying and swimming ones are annoying. Pretty short, though. Less than an hour, probably. I beat it on 2013-04-16 (ab)using save states.

Beat it again on 2016-02-27 without save states. My opinion of it has improved, actually. It's still very easy (though when I died I seemed to die about ten times in a row), but it's not really that bad. Probably my standards have been lowered a bit by playing ancient platformers. Anyway, it's got some little bits of flavor that make it more interesting that I'd originally thought.

Character Type
Felix the Cat Main
Name Role
Hudson Soft USA, Inc.
Shimada Kikaku