Type Game
Date 1992-04-27
  • Nintendo Game Boy
Tags platformer

Kirby's Dream Land


Kirby's Dream Land is the first game in the Kirby series, and a very strong beginning. If you've played Kirby games before, you know the drill: jump, float, inhale the enemies, spit them back out. There's just one thing missing from this game--the copy ability. Unlike later games in the series, Kirby can't copy the enemies he swallows, so you're forced to conquer the game with just Kirby's natural strengths.

It's actually very impressive that the enemies in this game have abilities that would work so well for Kirby to copy in later games. Even though they weren't intended for that, they're still well balanced as player-controlled abilities in later games. Very cool.

It's a Game Boy game, so it's not very long; you can beat it in a hour or so. Still, Kirby's Dream Land is well worth playing.

Name Role
HAL Laboratory, Inc. Developer
Nintendo Co., Ltd. Publisher