Type Game
Date 1980-01
  • Commodore PET
Tags board game


Described on the title screen as "The Bonzo Dog Chase Game", this is a variation on Snakes and Ladders. The magazine says: "Randall Lockwood wrote this game of the Bonzo Dog Chase."

"This amusement has many names, but we like 'The Bonzo Dog Chase' best. (Mr. Lockwood tells us that it was a big hit in 1930.) The game is for one or two people, with the Pet optionally joining the fun. After the players enter their names, a die is rolled. Press any key (except [STOP] of course) to end the roll of your die. Your marker will advance that many squares on the board. Should you have the good fortune of landing at the bottom of a ladder, you'll immediatly climb the ladder. But, should you somehow land at the top of a chute - whoosh! - down you go, and have to start climbing again."

From CURSOR #16. Played 2013-06-12.

There's a version of this (for the C64 rather than PET) in [Commodore 64 Fun and Games] by Jeffries, Fisher, and Sawyer, too. Note that those three worked on CURSOR.

Name Role
Randall Lockwood Developer