Type Comic
Date 1979-03
Tags fiction

The Paralyzed Planet Peril!

DC Comics Presents #7 (1979-03)

When the issue opens, Superman has been knocked out and brought before the Weaponers. He revives and fights, but is once again subdued. The Weaponers intend to use him to focus energy which wile paralyze every living being on Earth--and they succeed! The go to Earth, meaning to set up a colony--New Qward--on that planet, when suddenly they are attacked by what seems to be a fierce storm--but is actually Red Tornado. Red Tornado rescues Superman and destroys the lenses which focused the energy (via Superman) needed to paralyze the Earth.

In the epilogue, we see that the Qwardians have immigrated to the Australian outback ("New Qward, Population: 1,279"). How? "Superman's super-hypnosis has reconditioned them, and eliminated the veneer of evil their society had inbred.