Type Comic
Date 1979-02
Tags fiction

The Fantastic Fall of Green Lantern!

DC Comics Presents #6 (1979-02)

Lois and Clark are receiving an award for the work as journalists, when suddenly Green Lantern crashes through the building, landing before them, unconscious. When he comes to, he mutters "Unhhh... wh... where am I...? Thank the guardians... made it... ring... Here... Clark... take over!" With that, he hands his ring to Clark, who puts it on and becomes a Green Lantern.

GL had been in a battle with Star Sapphire, who successfully takes the ring from the inexperienced Superman's finger. Then she kidnaps GL and takes him off to Zamora to be wed. However, Superman intercepts her, and (despite some unnoticed interference by the Weaponers of Qward), rescues GL and removes the gem that gives Star Sapphire her power. GL leaves to take the now-powerless Carol Ferris home.

After GL leaves, Superman is again attacked: "For my Q-energy bolts can kill even you--and since you have interfered with our plans to seize the twin gems of power----the Weaponers of Qward demand you pay the supreme price!"

"Next issue: Superman and the Red Tornado trapped in Qward--the land of ultimate evil!"


Green Lantern #16

Character Type
Green Lantern Main
Star Sapphire Main
Superman Main
Name Role
Ben Kazuhito Oda Letterer
Curt Swan Penciller
Dick Giordano Cover Artist
Frank Chiaramonte Inker
Jerry Serpe Colorist
Paul Levitz Author
Ross Andru Cover Artist
Tatjana Wood Cover Artist