Type Comic
Date 1940-10-22
Tags fiction

All-American Comics #21

All-American Comics #21 (1940-12)

The Green Lantern

Two men hatch a plan: eleven years ago, a rich couple's son, Tommy Blake, disappeared. Fortunately for the crooks, their young compatriot, Cub Brenner, looks rather like a grown version of the young boy. They intend him to imitate the prodigal son, so they can steal the couple's wealth. GL is suspicious of the couple's fortune, and investigates.

The young man, touched by the couple's kindness, begins to repent of his treachery, but the show must go on. Things go badly during the robbery, and Mr. Blake is shot. Cub flees, deciding to drive off a cliff, out of regret. GL saves him, and between them they catch the other crooks.

The cops intend to lock up Cub along with the others, but it is then revealed that 'Cub' really is Tommy. The Blakes, when describing their missing son to the papers, had kept back the fact that Tommy had an injury to his finger which had left it misshapen--a trait shared by Cub!


The reveal was far from surprising, but the story was serviceable--if only just.