Type Comic
Date 1987-03
Tags fiction


The Question #2 (1987-03)

...and Vic wasn't actually dead. Shock!

Turns out the bullet, shot by an air gun, just skimmed around the outside of the skull. He barely survived the drowning, with the help of Shiva, who had a big part in putting him into that situation, in the first place. Why would she save him? It's a great mystery.

Anyway, he wakes up under the care of Aristotle Rodor, and can't remember much of anything--not even his name. Afterward, he's shipped off for a quick training montage:

A nice quote from a later page: "In the mountains he knew who he was--Richard's student (though Richard would deny this). But here? In the city? Who? He has been told he was names--Charles Victor Szasz and Vic Sage. Words, these--only words. Not part of him. He was another name, the one he was using when he died--a label for an identity he created for himself. The Question."

Ultimately, the Question returns to confront his would-be killers, and, in a nice moment, sings Danny Boy to the reverend, as he comes upon him.