Type Movie
Date 1990-11-02
Tags horror

Jacob's Ladder

Good atmosphere. Not sure how I feel about Tim Robbins's acting. Fairly interesting. I feel like the ending sort of ruined it. The question is how 'real' was the movie. If it was just a meaningless dying dream, then the movie doesn't convey anything. If it meant more, and the message that the angels are the same as the demons is the point, then the movie did too much for just that message. Good film, but I'm not sure I'm really satisfied.

Character TypeName
Jacob "Professor" Singer NoneTim Robbins
Jezebel "Jezzie" Pipkin NoneElizabeth Peña
Louis Denardo NoneDanny Aiello
Name RoleCharacter
Adrian Lyne Director
    Bruce Joel Rubin Screenwriter
      Danny Aiello Actor
      Elizabeth Peña Actor
      Tim Robbins Actor