Type Movie
Date 2009-06
Tags thriller


Eight people have applied for a job with a powerful company, and they, from all the others that applied, have reached the final stage. They're led to a room where they're to be given an exam which will decide who is given the job. They are told: "There is one question before you, and one answer is required." But what is the question? They try many things to discover what it is they're supposed to do, and eventually the situation degrades into violence.

The movie isn't bad, but it was very predictable. From the very beginning, I predicted that the question they had to answer would be "Any questions?", which was the only question asked of them. I also predicted, immediately, that the clock would lie to them about when the test was over--it was clearly hinted at when one of the examinees set his watch when the clock started. These two things, which form pretty much the whole of the film's resolution, I guessed within minutes of the film's starting--as early as it was possible to guess them. The rest of the film was not bad, but there wasn't any big twist--it was even obvious that the crazy man who was disqualified from the exam was more than he seemed.

Not bad, but not worth watching a second time, I think.

Character TypeName
Black NoneChukwudi Iwuji
Blonde NoneNathalie Cox
Brown NoneJimi Mistry
Brunette NonePollyanna McIntosh
Chinese woman NoneGemma Chan
Dark NoneAdar Beck
Deaf NoneJohn Lloyd Fillingham
White NoneLuke Mably
the guard NoneChris Carey
the invigilator NoneColin Salmon
Name RoleCharacter
Adar Beck Actor
Chris Carey Actor
Chukwudi Iwuji Actor
Colin Salmon Actor
Gemma Chan Actor
Jimi Mistry Actor
John Lloyd Fillingham Actor
Luke Mably Actor
Nathalie Cox Actor
Pollyanna McIntosh Actor
Simon Garrity Screenwriter
    Stuart Hazeldine Director