Type Comic
Date 1982-02
Tags fiction

Starfire Unleashed!

The New Teen Titans #16 (1982-02)


Oh, nice. We get to see more of the Titans when they're not busy fighting crime.

Some time between A Day In The Lives... and now, Starfire and Robin broke up. How much time has passed? Starfire had enough time to get a new boyfriend, anyway.

Donna and Kory live together? Did we see that, before? I had forgotten, if so. Oh, also, a month has passed, since the last issue. Is this fixed to real time, then, probably? Some of it isn't, though... well, whatever.

What, exactly, does Donna mean, when she says she "feels like she's the Mary Tyler Moore of the super-heroine set"? Something like 'an average unspectacular girl', maybe? Can't remember MTM having any qualities that particularly map to Donna, though I haven't seen the show in a while.

Also, Donna just mentioned Daffy Duck. Did she not grow up on Themyscira? Maybe her backstory is different than I thought.

Well, of course Franklin turned out to be evil. Although, this comic actually has a pretty good track record with that--not everyone they meet has to be a villain in disguise. But, Starfire's infatuation was a good clue things weren't going to go well.

The ending was kind of okay. It's a little frustrating that we get a new person introduced, and he's dead and done with by the end of the issue, but the character development that Starfire gets ought to stick around, I guess. Also, Wolfman says that this comic became the best-selling DC comic in under a year--incredible!