Type Comic
Date 1980-11
Tags fiction

The NEW Teen Titans

The New Teen Titans #1 (1980-11)

In a nice twist, this first issue opens with a panel labelled 'epilogue'--because it concludes the preview story from DC Comics Presents #26. Starfire is fighting her way free of the slave-ship Q'st'r. Her guard is a Gordanian, and she reveals herself to be Princess Koriand'r, trained by the warlords of Okaara. We see that she handles the spacecraft in which she escapes capably, "her slim hands expertly darting across the computer console". Her analysis of the situation she's in proves to be quite shrewd.

New scene: Dick Grayson, Robin, is having a nightmare about a girl named Raven. When she appears before him, he identifies her as the witch from his dream. She insists that she is his friend, and she seeks his aid. She entreats him to assist her in forming a new Teen Titans. She informs him that she'll handle Kid Flash, and asks that he find Wonder Girl. Dick seems unhappy with Bruce, and reveals that Bruce has been mad ever since he dropped out of college.


Anyway, they repel the slavers and rescue Starfire. Hooray.

Lots of time spent introducing and motivating the characters, in this one. Gar reveals that he tells jokes to hide the pain inside, Vic is angry that he's not fully human anymore, Robin is having a long-running argument with Bruce, Wally has quit the super-hero biz (until Raven goes and 'handles' him). Wonder Girl seems the most stable of them, really. Or maybe Raven, but we don't know too much about her, at this point.

Also, Cyborg's hand is solar powered.

Name Role
Adrienne Roy Colorist
Ben Oda Letterer
Dick Giordano Inker
George Pérez Penciller
Len Wein Editor
Marv Wolfman Author