Type Comic
Date 2011-10-19

DC Universe Presents #2

DC Universe Presents #2 (2011-12)

Deadman visits a the Moonstone club, "a legendary venue among the supernatural set of Gotham". There he finds an old woman who he was seeking: "Your name is the librarian and you're a lesser fallen angel charged with keeping tabs on every person alive, and some of us who're dead. Somewhere in this library is a book that contains my entire story from beginning to end, and I need some answers." The book he seeks is in braille--and Aramaic--so he commands her to read it to him. It is, she says, a thousand chapters long, part of a series and "linked to the story of many others." He asks how it ends, to which she replies: "The same ending for all of you. You are to be damned together."

"Next: Hook-Ups & Throwdowns"