Type Comic
Date 2011-10-05

Justice League International #2

Justice League International #2 (2011-12)

Already, the UN is losing control of their superhero team. When things go south and Ice is injured, Booster makes the decision to retreat, to get her medical help. As with everything else, this is met with mixed opinions--the UN, as well as some of his team, feel that he should have stood his ground. Others feel that retreat was the right thing to do; Batman seems to be among these.

Three other giant robots appear, around the world. What sinister plot have they? We hear that "planet 3-147 is active" to which is replied: "planet 3-147 dies today". Shall we assume it is Earth under discussion? Could be a trick, but probably it is Earth.

Name Role
Aaron Lopresti Penciller
Brian Miller Colorist
Dan Jurgens Author
Matt Ryan Inker