Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07

Justice League International #1

Justice League International #1 (2011-11)

The UN feels that governments--and by extension police--are underfunded and have bad reputations, so they intend to form a team of superheroes from around the world, sanctioned by the UN, to help combat this. So they create the Justice League International, the UN's answer to the (shamefully independent) Justice League.

The people aren't happy by what they see as a government intrusion on the independence of the heroes, and protesters stand outside the Hall of Justice, declaring that it is public property--that justice belongs to everyone. Two plan to set off a bomb that night, to send a message.

Meanwhile, several UN research teams have disappeared. The newly-formed JLI, headed by Booster Gold (and missing a member--Guy Gardner) are sent to investigate. There's quite a bit of friction between the members of the team, particularly the Russian and Chinese members.

Anyway, they've arrived in Peru, at the place where the Earth seemingly swallowed up a research team, when they're attacked by some rather creepy creatures--animated constructs, apparently, not living beings. Shortly thereafter, an 'earthquake' occurs and something comes up out of the ground, looking rather like a Sentinel from X-Men.

"Next Month: JLI vs. The Signal Men"

Name Role
Aaron Lopresti Penciller
Brian Miller Colorist
Dan Jurgens Author
Matt Ryan Inker