Type Comic
Date 1940-11
Tags fiction

All-Star Comics #3

All-Star Comics #3 (1940-11)

The Justice Society of America! Exciting! Granted, I haven't been following the adventures of... most of these. Still, good stuff. Let's see what it brings.

I'm skipping a few stories in the volume.

Justice Society of America

Hmm, looks like this is a frame story for the comics in the issue. Johnny Thunderbolt (who I know nothing about, as of now) gets into a JSA meeting, and asks the members to "each tell the most exciting experience you ever had." And off we go.

The Flash

Flash helps a man collect treasure from a sunken ship.


Hawkman stops a madman who lives in a volcano from destroying the Earth. The denouement is strikingly ham-fisted. A villain from earlier literally says: "You again... oh well. I'm dying! I'll tell what I know."

The Spectre

The Spectre fights a threat from beyond the stars.

The Green Lantern

GL fights a criminal who arranges to replace the police commissioner.

GL is, of course, "struck with a wooden club--a non-metal is the only thing against which the ring does not protect me."


The FBI director wants to meet with the JSA. What for? Find out in the next issue.