Type Comic
Date 1940-09
Tags fiction

All-Star Comics #2

All-Star Comics #2 (1940-09)

Joining us in this issue is the Green Lantern! Which is the only comic I plan to read in this issue, anyway.

The Green Lantern

Baron von Zorn has created a drug that turns men into robots. He intends to overthrow American democracy and take over. Alan makes a cure for the drug, infiltrates his operation, and stops him.

"Good thing I crammed in that two years of medical school while I was at college..." he says. And with that, he is able to perform an autopsy, identify the (never-before-seen!) drug used on the dead man, and synthesize an antidote. That's value for your dollar!

The Invisible Star by Evelyn Gaines (short story)

Oh, my. So, so bad. 'The Martians want war, oh no! The Earth is overheating, oh no! We'll have to leave Earth, oh no! We'll just conquer Mars, oh yeah! The Jovians conquered Mars for us, hooray!'