Type Comic
Date 1987-06
Tags fiction

Did Robin Die Tonight?

Batman #408 (1987-06)

So, every year, on the same night, Batman patrols crime alley. Once a year only. And the criminals know this--enough to hide from Batman that night. And nobody has thought to check on any major events happening on that date in the past that might possibly be a clue to Batman's identity?


Anyway, Batman meets a shiny new Jason Todd. How? Jason has stolen the tires from the Batmobile. As Batman says: "It takes stones to rip off the Batman's buggy--"

Batman follows him back to his room. Jason has posters on his wall for Eric Peters (no idea who that is--guy with a guitar on the poster) and Poison Idea. He also wears a Poison Idea shirt. (I listened to a song by these guys: they suck.)

Batman takes Jason to Ma Gunn's school, intending to do him a favor. Some favor--after Batman leaves, Ma Gunn lights up a cigar and as her 'students' stand around him threateningly, says: "We've got a new pupil luvs. The Batman sent 'im... now who wants to snuff the little stoolie for old Ma?"

Original notes

Hey, Jason Todd's introduction! And Ma Gunn isn't as kind as she seems--not really unexpected, of course. "One day Batman went to fight crime and there wasn't any. The end." Not much of a story, there.

Name Role
Adrienne Roy Colorist
Chris Warner Penciller
Max Allan Collins Author
Mike Decarlo Inker