Type Comic
Date 2011-09-07
Tags fiction

The Dark Side, Part One

Stormwatch #1 (2011-11)

Interesting. Yet another superhero team, but these ones have some interesting powers: communicating with cities; interacting with the media--particularly the internet; and some others less clear, like the 'spirit of the 21st century'. The Martian Manhunter is among these people. Perhaps I shouldn't use the word 'heroes' to describe them. The Martian Manhunter says: "I am known in some quarters as a hero. I can wear that shape. But when I need to be a warrior--I do it with Stormwatch."

Anyway, these Stormwatch people are looking to get a new hero, Apollo, to join with them. He's not interested. Right at the end, someone new shows up, and quickly knocks out the Stormwatch group. "I'm the Midnighter," he says. "With your help, I can kill every evil bastard on the planet. Interested...?"

While all this is happening, Stormwatch has a couple of people in the Himalayas, where they see some giant worm, or something, and someone on the moon, who discovers something--a huge eye, perhaps attached to a body, which says that it intends to strengthen the Earth, in order to prepare it to defend against some threat. When the scene ended, it appeared that it was going to either possess or control the man who discovered it.

I don't know whether the story is that great. It's not too bad, but it'll have to progress some more, before I can judge it. However, the rather unique powers that some of these people have make me interested in reading more.