Type Comic
Date 2011-10-12

Superboy #2

Superboy #2 (2011-12)

The issue begins 'one month ago', where last issue's flashback ended. Red is defending Superboy against those who intend to destroy him, ordering using her authority "as senior scientist on this project". The guard (soldier? not clear exactly who these people are) is incredulous: "like some kid that murders her parents and then asks for leniency because she's an orphan!", he says. Superboy demonstrates telekinetic ability and then we flash forward to the present day.

Picking up just after the end of the last issue, we see Red continuing to argue to Zaniel that Superboy isn't ready. Zaniel isn't interested in her objections. Rose and Red have their own conversation on the subject:

"You created a weapon with spare parts from a human and an alien, Red. You telling me you though N.O.W.H.E.R.E. wasn't going to pull the trigger someday?" Rose asks.

"He's not a killer, Rose," Red argues.

"Sure he is. Calling him 'Superboy' and dressing him in that trademarked 'S' doesn't change that. You and I should know that better than anyone else"

"He's... different."

"Because he was created in a lab and we were born this way? Keep telling yourself that, 'Red'."

This is interesting, because I don't know anything about Red, actually. In the previous issue, her name was given the be "Dr. Cait...", but that's all we know, I believe. I know little enough about Rose. I suppose the import of this conversation will be revealed later.

Superboy is heading to "a facility known as Pen 51--where aliens suspected of criminal behavior can be kept indefinitely. A riot broke out less than an hour ago. And I've been charged with restoring order. Me... and one other." The other is Rose. Superboy recognizes her from the VR program--this is an interesting idea, setting up a certain relationship between them before he ever meets her in real life. I wonder if it'll factor into the story, or if I'm just overthinking things.

As it turns out, the facility Superboy has been sent to is not a secret alien jail, it's one of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s genetic labs. Zaniel 'facilitated' this event. The guards and scientists are all dead, leaving only three 'inmates' for Superboy and Rose to take care of. The three aliens are very strong, easily defeating Superboy. When things look worst for him, he loses control, and his telekinetic powers destroy the entire facility. Rose is evacuated as this is happening and...

"Next Issue: Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose!"

Pretty good. More questions opened up, and we do get a bit more information. I'm feeling pretty positive about this series.