Type Comic
Date 1940-09
Tags genocide, fiction

Flash Comics #9

Flash Comics #9 (1940-09)


Carter's friend is kidnapped by a sea-dwelling race, the Kogats, who wish to conquer the Earth. Hawkman follows, and is taken to see their king, who kills his friend, then casts Hawkman to the depths to die. Conveniently, he also tosses in a bar of effluma (sp?), "the great fire that holds all power within it". Hawkman meets up with Poseidon, who, along with the bar, aids him in destroying the Kogats. He also grants Hawkman to power to breathe under water.

The Flash

In Canada, a scientist has discovered a way to make small animals huge. Of course, men with criminal intent subvert this discovery for their own purposes, using the monstrous creatures as a distraction while they commit robberies. The Flash is alerted by a friend, and investigates. He discovers what's up, and ultimately stop the criminals. He recruits a RAF pilot to bomb the huge creatures, and rescues the scientist, who had been imprisoned in a cave. The day is saved.

Flash says things like "This will make the nineteenth person I've saved! I guess the others got away safely!" He couldn't be less interested in the people he's saving.