Type Comic
Date 2011-10-19

Birds of Prey #2

Birds of Prey #2 (2011-12)

We meet Katana. Her husband was murdered by the Yakuza, and she believes his soul is trapped in her sword. She joins up with Dinah and Ev.

We learn that the reporter who blew up had three chemicals in his brain--two explosives, and one experimental drug designed to treat strokes. It reconnects neural pathways, activated by certain words and phrases. This explains the triggered explosion in the previous issue. Four of the five warehouses storing this drug have suffered break-ins, so our heroines visit the fifth. There, they encounter the steal-suited people who attacked them previously. They efficiently take them out, keeping one alive for questioning.

In the end, Poison Ivy shows up. Apparently, Dinah has invited her to join them.

The story is moving along, we're meeting new people--this issue's pacing is much better than many of these early issues. I'm looking forward to next time: "Next: Primed for Death!"