Type Comic
Date 2011-09-14
Tags fiction

Born to Kill

Batman and Robin #1 (2011-11)

The future's always in the process of interpreting the meaning of the past, Robin.

There's a lot of friction between Damian and Bruce. Damian--ten years old--is very cold and uncaring, and not at all averse to violence. Also, it seems that Damian has worked with Dick in the past.

Someone is planning to stop the Batmen around the globe, and seems to know that Bruce is Batman. Not sure who it actually is.

Character Type
Batman Main
Robin Main
James Gordon Appearance
Name Role
John Kalisz Colorist
Mick Gray Cover Artist / Inker
Patrick Brosseau Letterer
Patrick Gleason Cover Artist / Penciller
Peter J. Tomasi Author
W. Moose Baumann Cover Artist