Type Comic
Date 2009-08
Tags fiction

Tiny Titans #17

Tiny Titans #17 (2009-08)

This one's an improvement over the last issue. "Mixin' It Up" is great. Raven stealing Mr. Mxyzptlk's hat--twice--is amusing, and if the sequence isn't totally original, it's still funny enough. I didn't like the final panel's construction, though--all of the dialogue in the panel seems to occur before the scene presented, which made it seem awkward to me.

"Battle for the Cow" isn't bad, though its best joke is its title.

The next segment, with Robin trying on lots of different costumes, has fairly weak jokes, but is still quite fun.

"Shop Shrinking" is pretty weak, as usual for the stories featuring the Tiny Tiny Titans.

The continuity comic is pretty good, but ends poorly.

Overall, this was an entertaining issue, though the secondary (that is, non-Robin's-birthday) segments are forgettable.