Type Comic
Date 2008-04
Tags fiction

Tiny Titans #1

Tiny Titans #1 (2008-04)

Tiny Titans is a spin-off of the Teen Titans comics, following around younger versions of the Teen Titans, who attend Sidekick City Elementary. This issue contains several very short stories, including "Dog's Best Friend" and "Speedy Quiz", and several that are simply labeled "tiny titans."

The only thing there really is to say about this comic is that it is very cute. There are silly jokes, like pointing out the fact that Speedy doesn't have super-speed, but this issue is carried by its cute artwork and amusing premise. That's enough, though, for one issue.

Later, Slade will introduce the substitute teacher... Mr. Trigon. Poor kids.

This whole issue had me smiling and giggling as I read it, so I've got to call it a success.

This issue, along with the next five, can be found collected in Tiny Titans Volume 1: Welcome to the Treehouse.