Type Comic
Date 2011-09-21
Tags fiction

The Visitation

Wonder Woman #1 (2011-11)

Ah, Wonder Woman. This is the last comic released on the 21st, and I'll take a break after reading it. Then just one more week to go, and I can start on the #2 issues! Exciting! So, what do I know about Wonder Woman? A fair bit, but I'm pretty sure some of it is outdated. I guess I'll just read.

Well, neat. I think I already said that, but I can't say anything else, really. Wonder Woman's got a story full of gods and prophecies and fantasy-themed monsters. Good stuff. If the story turns out to be any good, this one could be a nice break from the more scifi themed comics.

It looks like: Apollo gets three women together and somehow causes them to give a prophecy, that one of his father's children will kill another of his father's children. A woman is attacked, after Hermes warns that assassins are after her and her child. But she has no child... yet. Hermes sends her to Wonder Woman, who returns, mother-to-be in tow, and drives off the assassins. Hermes seems badly injured, but Wonder Woman opines that he is not dying. Some of these things didn't happen in quite that order, but whatever.