Type Comic
Date 2011-10-05

Animal Man #2

Animal Man #2 (2011-12)

Last time, we ended with the girl apparently collecting dead animals. Now, it is clear that 'dead' doesn't quite describe them. The girl, Maxine, has special powers, as her father does, though apparently more powerful than his. They go on a journey to find 'the old tree'. When they get there, they can go "inside... to the red place". They follow some birds, arrive at said tree, and arrive inside 'the red place', a world of bones, blood, and entrails, bizarrely distorted.

At the San Diego Zoo, the hippos are strangely (and hugely) swollen. Later, we see monstrous creatures eating people, there, and disguising themselves as zookeepers. They hunt for 'the avatar'--either Baker or his daughter, one assumes.

This comic is decidedly strange. The art is odd and often disturbing and the story is bizarre. I'm willing to continue reading it, for the novelty, but I'll want some more exposition, soon.