Type Comic
Date 2011-10-19
Tags fridge, fiction

I Could Say That I'll Sleep Better Tomorrow, But That's A Lie

Catwoman #2 (2011-12)

This issue opens exactly where the last issue left off. Catwoman gets dressed and steals the painting she heard about in the previous issue. She arranges to sell it back to the mob--and to their competitors, who also want the painting. She intends to collect payment from both and leave them to kill each other off. Coincidentally, she arranges for this to happen at a charity benefit held by Bruce Wayne. Her plan goes off pretty smoothly, but she arrives to meet with her friend Lola and finds (in a full page, no-text image) that she has been killed. While she's distracted by grief, some guys wearing skull masks (the same guys who blew up her apartment in the previous issue) attack her, and a man in a pinstriped suit with skin like bone introduces himself: "I'm Louis Ferryman. Some call me Bone. You must be the irritating woman who dresses up like a cat and has been stealing from me."

"Next: CAUGHT!"