Type Comic
Date 1940-10
Tags hypnotism, puppets, beauty equals goodness, fiction

Batman #3

Batman #3 (1940-10)

The Strange Case of the Diabolical Puppet Master

A puppet master has invented a serum which allows him to, at great distances, hypnotize anyone who has received so much as a scratch from a needle coated in the serum. He intends to commit crimes--stealing an atomic formula from a scientist, and a new, secret gun from the military, but Batman stops him. Batman is himself scratched by a needle and hypnotized, and at the puppet master's bidding steals some jewels to bring to him. Fortunately, Robin catches up to him and snaps him out of it. His senses returned to him, Batman is able to stop the puppet master for good.

The Ugliest Man in the World

A gang of ugly men intent on destroying all beauty is causing havoc. They have a drug which causes anyone dosed with it to become hideously ugly, as well. Batman is captured by them, but Robin saves them, and between them they end the threat.

Throughout, Batman is dogged by a detective called McGonigle, intent on bringing Batman in, who provides some comic relief to the story. Don't know whether he'll ever show up again.

"The Crime School for Boys"

A criminal is teaching kids how to be criminals. Batman fins out, and intends to stop this by offering the boys an alternative: he sets up a gym, where they can learn fair play. Later, he busts up the gang the boys were hoping to join, and the boys swear to walk the strait and narrow thereafter. Bruce opines:

...it's up to other cities to do the same, build more playgrounds, gymnasiums, encourage youngsters to join school and church organizations. Do this and we will wipe out crime!

The Batman vs the Cat-Woman

There's a plot to steal some jewels. The Cat is involved. McGonigle is in this one, too.