Type Comic
Date 1940-07
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #41

Detective Comics #41 (1940-07)


Summary: Batman and (mostly) Robin stop a ring of counterfeiters operating out of a boy's boarding school. The art teacher was engraving plates to make counterfeit bills, and the principal was in on it.

Notes: The reveal all feels rather Scooby Doo-like. Pretty good story, otherwise. A little before the reveal they do a panel with pictures of the potential crooks and instruct the reader to "Check which person you think is guilty!". Kind of a neat bit of reader interaction, and forcing people to commit to their guesses like that would likely make anyone fooled feel more like the comic was clever, since they couldn't as easily just think 'oh, I figured it could be him'. Not something I'd want to see in every comic, but not bad to use just this once.