Type Episode
Date 1966-10-20
Tags robots

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Star Trek: The Original Series 1x07

The Enterprise finds archaeologist Dr. Roger Korby, Christine Chapel's fiancé, who has been missing for five years, living underground on the deserted ice planet Exo III with a group of sophisticated androids, including Andrea and Ruk.

The female android, of course, is emotional. In this case, the artificial humans were not perfect copies, but Roger's "does this make such a difference?" is worthy of more thought. It's an issue dealth with in TNG in Data's story lines. The situation with the duplicate Kirk is resolved with a very convenient imperfection in the android.

Character TypeName
Andrea MainSherry Jackson
James T. Kirk MainWilliam Shatner
Roger Korby MainMichael Strong
Christine Chapel SubMajel Barrett
Ruk SubTed Cassidy
Spock SubLeonard Nimoy
Name RoleCharacter
James Goldstone Director
    Leonard Nimoy Actor
    Majel Barrett Actor
    Michael Strong Actor
    Robert Bloch Author
      Sherry Jackson Actor
      Ted Cassidy Actor
      William Shatner Actor


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