Type Comic
Date 1939-12
Tags comics go to war, fiction

Detective Comics #34

Detective Comics #34 (1939-12)


Following the previous story, Batman intends to follow his Fiancee back to America. However, he first encounters a man with no face and a woman who is attacked by a thrown knife--thrown by an 'apache'. The two are brother and sister, and are being attacked by the Duc d'Orterre, a madman who desires their wealth. Bruce announces that he cannot help them as himself, then walks out of the room, and Batman walks back in. Not very sneaky of him, I've got to say. Ultimately, Batman rescues the two and sends the villain off a cliff. They are grateful, and beg to know who he is, but Batman replies that it must remain a secret. Really? Like, you walked out of the room as Bruce, and two seconds later you walk in as Batman, and these people can't figure out what happened? Right.

Also, feast your eyes on the bizarre sights this comic has to offer:

That's not really explained. The bad guy has somehow trapped girls in flowers, or something, but we'll see them again for only one more panel, when they tell Batman that he must free them, and direct him to the door.

Slam Bradley

Slam and Shorty accidentally capture a criminal with a $5000 bounty on his head, and they decide to take a trip around the world with the money. Not long after their boat leaves, the message comes in: America is a war with Twerpany. What follows is a series of near-misses with Slam and Shorty repeatedly mistaken for being Twerpan spies and narrowly avoiding death. Ultimately, they capture yet another criminal--who has since become a high-ranking member of the Twerpan army--who was the partner of the one they caught at the beginning. They manage to get him back to America, and collect another $5000 bounty. What will they do with the money, this time? Not take another trip, that's for sure.