Type Comic
Date 1939-09
Tags hypnotism, fiction

Detective Comics #31

Detective Comics #31 (1939-09)


Bruce Wayne has a fiancee? Well, neat.

"As a powerful car races towards Hungary, the shadow of the bat follows it!"

So, this villainous hypnotist, the Monk, intends to send Bruce's fiancee, Julie, to his castle in Hungary, to feed his werewolves. Also, this villain controls a giant gorilla.

The Monk's targeting of Julie is oddly persistent. And isn't it rather unnecessary, to go to New York to find a girl to feed your werewolves? I'd guess he's trying to eliminate her as a witness, except she doesn't seem to know anything about what's happening. And, speaking of witnesses, what happened to the guy Batman saved from Julie, back at the beginning? Not still waiting on a rooftop, I assume. I guess we'll find out what's going on in the next issue.


A mystery plane is stolen. Bart is sent to investigate. He's kidnapped, but manages to turn the situation around, bringing the conspirators who'd stolen the plane to justice.

Nothing of any real interest, here. Boring and predictable. I miss Sally.

Slam Bradley

Another not-so-great story. A zookeeper, it turns out, has been murdering those who mistreat animals. They eventually discover this fact, escape a few close calls, and capture him.