Type Comic
Date 1939-08
Tags hypnotism, fiction

Detective Comics #30

Detective Comics #30 (1939-08)

This issue's got no Crimson Avenger comic. Such a shame!


So... Doctor Death is back, intending to carry on with his plan from before. He's horribly disfigured, having been badly burned in the last issue. Batman stops him, and this time the police get him. Is this the end of Doctor Death? Who knows? Honestly, who cares?


A mad genius has created a device which allows him to hypnotize people. He has hypnotized several important men, including the head of the spies and some senators, who have begun to advocate for the US to become a dictatorship. Bart destroys the machine and apprehends the villain, saving democracy.

Also, this comic seems to have a different artist than usual.

Slam Bradley

Slam and Shorty encounter a woman who is stealing their car. Shortly after, two men run up and explain that she's mad, escaped from Granville Insane Asylum. She insists, as they drag her away, that she's not mad. She drops a locket with her name and address in it, but when Slam calls the house, the man who answers claims that the lady in question is six months dead. Suspicious, Slam and Shorty arrange for Shorty to infiltrate the asylum. It turns out that there's a plot to steal the girl's inheritance, which Slam and Shorty foil.