Type Comic
Date 1939-06

Detective Comics #28

Detective Comics #28 (1939-06)


Batman foils a gang of jewel thieves.


Bart prevents a war. Again no mention of Sally. Maybe she's sick?

The Crimson Avenger

Worst comic ever. The Crimson keeps getting captured, lots of vaguely connected things happen, and then it's over. Bizarrely bad, given that this is usually a pretty good comic.

Slam Bradley

Slam is mentioned in a rich stranger's will. He had rescued the man from a mugging, and the man was more impressed by Slam than his worthless relatives, and so it is that he will receive a substantial inheritance--provided he can survive the night in the dead man's mansion.

The resolution of this 'mystery' was obvious from the start. I wonder if a suicide note has ever been genuine in a mystery story. Of course, there was always the possibility that several of the people were all--independently or together--working to off Slam.

When he believes he's going to get rich, Slam looks at a "Superman Streamline Six"--wasn't that the sort of car that had Superman's name put on it by the con men a few months ago, in Action Comics #6? Of course, both comics are by Siegel and Shuster, so it's natural that some allusions will be found from one to the other.


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