Type Comic
Date 1939-05
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #27

Detective Comics #27 (1939-05)


So we come to the very first appearance of Batman! Or, as he's called at this point, 'the Bat-Man'.

We see Bruce Wayne before we see his alter ego. At the point the comic begins, Bruce has already been operating as Batman for some time--hard to say how long, though probably not too long.

This is just a six page story, so to condense it even further: a man wishes to eliminate his partners in ownership of a chemical company, rather than buy them out. Batman stops him before they're all dead. Hooray!

One point: on the last page, the villainous businessman attacks Batman, who socks him one, knocking him over a railing and into a vat of chemicals, which spell his demise. Says Batman, "A fitting ending for his kind." Now, that's pretty different from the modern version of Batman, who generally tries to avoid killing any crooks.

It may not have been totally obvious, I guess, but the connection between Bruce Wayne and the Batman is revealed in the final frame.


Members of the House Un-American Activities Committee are dying, and Bart is tasked with determining why. Ultimately, he discovers that tiny bombs are hidden in their food, which explode after being eaten.

No sign of Sally in this one.

The Crimson Avenger

The crimson uses some regular guns in this one, but he just uses them to disarm his captors. He's more like Batman than Batman, at this point.

Slam Bradley

Not so great. Slam captures a bad guy. Bad guy escapes execution, heads for Switzerland. Slam recaptures bad guy. The end.


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