Type Comic
Date 1939-02
Tags time travel, fiction

Detective Comics #24

Detective Comics #24 (1939-02)


They use this technique of showing events out of order to artificially produce suspense. I don't like it, much.

The Crimson Avenger

Now, the Crimson is just sneaking around a bit and acting as an extra pair of hands, more or less. A little disappointing, but the tension between the vigilante and the police is still nice.

Slam Bradley

It says "Exhausted by the horror of his experiences, Slam slips into unconsciousness!", but isn't it a fancy way of saying that he fainted? Not manly enough for him, I guess.

It seems the year two billion is ruled by an evil king who appears to be of Chinese extraction.

For what reason did they keep calling the ruler "the human being"? Was he the only one? Actually, the criminals might have mentioned something like that...

Okay, so they believe him. What was the reason he wanted them to, again? I've totally forgotten.