Type Comic
Date 1938-12
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #22

Detective Comics #22 (1938-12)

Slam Bradley

Fui Onyui? I do believe that he was the villain of the first issue, who was defeated, in part, by Shorty. Bodes ill for Shorty, I guess.

This casual display of drug use would later be forbidden by the CCA.

More or less as expected. I did wonder what happened to Yat Sin.

The Crimson Avenger

I do believe that it is illegal for a cop to accept a reward like that for doing his job.

Interesting. This story's pretty good.

And, incidentally, portraying corrupt cops was also something the CCA forbid, IIRC.


"Did it ever occur to anyone that I might have sold out to the enemy - and remained here in the embassy voluntarily?" Such realistic dialogue! Sigh.

"It sounds like the rapid beating of my heart!" Didn't she say something like that, last time? Later: no, she didn't. At least not that I could see at a glance.