Type Comic
Date 1938-11
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #21

Detective Comics #21 (1938-11)


Poor Baron von Huldorf isn't a very good spy, is he? That was the most transparent misdirection attempt ever.

How is it that people manage to divert a shooter's aim after they shoot, regularly? Like "They shoot simultaneously! Good Guy's bullet hit's Bad Guy's hand, diverting his aim!". Nonsense.

Bart and Sally are always standing in the chief's office, kissing.

The Crimson Avenger

That gas gun of his is pretty useful. So, 'the Crimson' stops some graverobbers. Nice of him.

Slam Bradley

Slam considers Egypt to be 'the mysterious Orient'.

Wow, Slam pulls of a woman's veil and kisses her. And she's his kidnapper. Ballsy, Slam.

And that one kiss was enough to convince the girl to kill and die for him. Yeah, that makes sense.