Type Comic
Date 1938-07
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #17

Detective Comics #17 (1938-07)

Doctor Fu Manchu

Oh, Fu Manchu story! As it says, "the Yellow Peril incarnate in one man!"

Hmm. Interesting. This one's rather an illustrated story than a comic, but that's okay. The mystery is... well, we'll see, I guess. I'll check this one out, next issue, as well.


Can these 'hooded hordes' be anything but an ersatz KKK?

Oh, my, "I happen to be an amateur ventriloquist"? Seriously?

Slam Bradley

Why must they make these so predictable? It'd be nice to be surprised, now and again. Bombs in the microphone... was it in this comic that there was a tube bringing poisonous gas through a microphone, before?

Later: No, I think it was Mr. Chang, actually. Could be wrong, still.