Type Comic
Date 1937-12
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #10

Detective Comics #10 (1937-12)

Speed Saunders: "I've been sent to protect you to repay you for saving this boy's life." "Oh. I guess I could use a new butler." Super.

Larry Steele: I'm not expecting this storyline to be interesting.

Cosmo: Seriously? That's it? Boring.

Nelson: Pretty harsh. He lies to the Lotus guy--an unfaithful hero, indeed. Then he instructs the thieving man to kill himself, or else. Definitely harsh.

"Green Death": Skipped short story.

Handcuff Hawkins: What's up with all these stories? "I suspected him because Joe Simon is actually Cheatythief McEvilbadman, which I know because screw you that's why."

Spy: Sally is indeed the heroine of this story. It's nice. Decent story, but pretty clear what she's up to.

Buck Marshall: Beginning with this issue, I will no longer read Buck Marshall stories.

Slam Bradley: So, Slam spends a few months on this one, eh? Well, he's dedicated, anyway. The electric gun is a bit much, though.